Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of most common questions asked by you below. If there is anything else you wish to know don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Is steel framing expensive?

No. Steel framing is very competitive on price, particularly when you consider its quality! A steel frame gives value for money. It is a premium quality green product that sets the benchmark. It has many advantages over conventional green building techniques, including the best quality timber. The fact is that discerning environmentally conscience buyers are increasingly demanding steel frames. The proof is that steel framing suppliers continue in business.

Are there any long-term cost advantages?

Yes. There are ongoing savings for the householder. Because steel will not burn and is termite-proof, some insurers offer attractive discounts on their premiums for steel framed homes. Also, the expense of ongoing anti-termite chemical treatments is avoided, and you will never have to replace your frame or roof due to termite damage.

Have steel framed buildings been proven over time?

Yes. In Australia and NZ steel framing has been used successfully in housing since the early 1950’s. Today’s framing represents the results of years of research, testing and product improvement. It is a thoroughly engineered product. Don’t forget that steel frames have been used in commercial buildings for many years because of their superior attributes.

What underlies the quality of a steel frame?

The steel in the frames that is produced by SFD is quality-accredited to appropriate National Standard Specifications. The components are precision manufactured and assembled to very tight tolerances using advanced techniques. Computer-aided design, computer-controlled manufacture, and advanced engineering, ensure the customer gets the design he or she wants, and that installation is quick and easy. Strength and performance are engineered into the frames.

Do homes made with steel look different?

Yes, they look better. Walls, ceilings and roofs do not have ripples or bumps in them and there are no “nail pops” in the plasterboard linings. Roofs of steel-framed homes do not sag over time, so the finished job keeps looking good. In fact because of steel’s strength you can design your home with larger open spaces whilst the exterior looks like any normal home.

Why won't steel frame rust?

Steel frames are made of steel protected against corrosion by a hot-dipped metallic coating of a zinc-aluminum alloy. In external applications such as roofing these products are exposed to the elements and have excellent durability, so in less exposed applications such as inside the building envelope they weather far more slowly. Where there are cut edges the galvanic action, or sacrificial protection, of the coatings protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion.

Is a steel frame safe when exposed to a live electric wire?

Yes. Steel frames are safe because they are earthed. It is a requirement that all new housing be fitted with circuit breaking safety devices, so there is little chance of you touching anything live. A broken or pierced wire in a timber frame can remain live and leaking current can cause trouble-some faults and fire risk.

Will steel framing interfere with my radio or television reception?

No. Steel frame homes will not interfere with any electronic devices performance. Electro-magnetic waves can diffract around steel as easily as timber.

Can I add to a home at a later date?

Yes. Additions are relatively simple and pose no problems. Furthermore the existing steel structure will remain straight and true regardless of its age, making the job of lining up the extension easier than for conventional timber framing.

Can I build on piers or a concrete slab?

Either! There are several steel floor systems available for pier-design. Direct fixing to concrete slabs is also very widely used. On sloping sites where limits have been imposed on the maximum depth of cut and fill, it can be far more economical and environmentally friendly to use raised steel flooring than a concrete slab. Also, an elevated steel flooring system performs as an excellent first line of defence against sub-terran an termites because any termite workings are forced into the open where they are easily seen.

Does lightening-strike affect a steel-framed home more than a timber one?

No. Because steel creates a positive earth, the lightning has less effect. The energy is conducted straight to the ground, and is not released destructively within the frame as in conventional framing or cladding.

Do I have to be a professional to erect a building?

No, many of our customers choose to erect their buildings themselves. We provide all the parts you need to erect the building yourself. We can also put you in touch with a professional contractor to put up your building. Panels are easily handled and are clearly identified for assembly, generally with pre-punched electrical and plumbing service holes. Roof trusses are identified and easily secured to support the walls. Ceiling and roof battens are easily fixed to the trusses.

If you have any other questions do not hasitate to contact us, We here to help.